Elmas nakış maple leaf şarap yaşam 5D DIY elmas boyama çapraz dikiş elmas mozaik dekorasyon

Elmas nakış maple leaf şarap yaşam 5D DIY elmas boyama çapraz dikiş elmas mozaik dekorasyon

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  küçük tuval başlayanlar ve çocuklar için uygundur! büyük tuval, daha mükemmel ayrıntıları! -26.54/piece -32.63/piece -33.80/piece -32.63/piece -26.00/piece   Click to enter the subject product                   artoon                                                                                                                   Fruit                        Figure                           Flower  Please Note :  Diamond Painting size is the size of the picture not screen size (have 1-2 cm error). The mosaic painting not the HD image. they are different from art style. the bigger size will effect better! due to the small effect size is poor, small size for beginners and children to practice, thank you !       New Fash European Diamond Painting Please try to cloose your eye ,  Picture whenever bedroom living room and baby room .  All are hanging the diy diamond painting to your family . It's very hot and full of happiness. Please do not hesitate to enjoy the feeling of the whole family diy it togethger . Items : 1. Size : 20x20cm,20x25cm,30x30cm,30x40cm,40x50cm and act.(same as you choose)
2. Meterial : Cotton Canvas and resin drills
3. Usage : Home / Hotel / Office Decoration / Gift Kits
4. About the drill bit : 100% Round  Drill, 26 cutting surface and 18 cutting surface, higher-three-dimensional effect.
5. Package : Full drill, cotton canvas, tools
Please Note :
1. All the diamond painting are the packed well for you , customers need their own hand made, not finished, we provide necessary tools and materials.
2. The photo is full area  diamond paintings , there are enough diamonds. please rest assured purchase . products have lots of diamonds, there will may be have a small part of the defects, each of the picture, we will send you an extra 20% -30% diamonds . if the diamonds is not enough, you can contact us directly .our store will resend the diamonds to you for free , we will ship out to you as soon as possible.
3. Feel free to let us know, if you have any questions about our diamond paint products, we are twenty-four hours in line .
4.NOTE : the mosaic painting not the HD image, they are different, different style.
Diamonds in size is 2.5 * 2.5mm (such as the Pixels image). so that the big size will be better effect.
for size : size is the size of the image, not screen size, has some error (1-2 cm)."        Q : Does the diamond drill the canvas complete ?   A : Dear friend , all our products are Full Drill Painting , it is 100% drill , complete drill , whole canvas need drill diamond .    Q : What is the shape of the diamond painting?   A : Dear friend , the diamond is Round diamond embroidery  Q : What's kind of package used to the painting ?   A : Dear friend , all our products are well packaged , ( Rolled up in Paper bags)  , we will package carfully befoer the goods sent out .   Q : How long i will give my googs after i paid my order ?   A : we will sent you goods in 1-4 days after you paid your order , you will get your goods in 15-60 days .   Q : What can I do if I do not get enough pebbles?
  A : Dear, you can contact us resend the rhinestone if you find there is not enough.

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60X100CM Round, 70X120CM Round, 60X100CM Square, 70X120CM Square
elmas Şekli:
Marka Adı:
magic master
tuval ambalaj yöntemi:
dış ambalaj:
kağıt torba
yapıştırma alanı:
renk sayısı:
desen Türü:
Red wine
Set Type:
Cross Stitch
Diamond embroidery
Housing,hotels,offices,meeting rooms,dining room
DIY diamond painting
Tools Type:
Tweezers, Pick-Up Tools
Resin rhinestones
Red wine landscape

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